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We Sell School Furniture & Food Service

We are competitive and have a wide range of classroom setups, from chairs and tables to desks and technology. We can deliver food right to your school.


We are a true “cooperative” who serves to leverage purchasing power to benefit all schools and agencies, regardless of size, with the ability to purchase at equal buying levels.


CrisisAlert enables anyone to get help with the push of a button.

Capitol Electronics

Fastest D2R emergency notification systems on the market.

In 1971, several small school systems in North Georgia decided to work together & form Cooperative Purchasing Agency (CPA), a non-profit organization built by & for the systems to combine their purchasing power. Today CPA is made up of 35 member systems & serves North Georgia, Northeast Georgia, & Pioneer RESA. We provide classroom & office supplies for those systems & neighboring ones who choose to take advantage of cooperative buying. When you buy from CPA, you are actually buying from …. well, yourself!

CPA also serves as a warehouse & delivery partner with member systems who purchase food through the USDA School Lunch Program. It’s another way we help provide what North Georgia students need to achieve their best!

Their Bright Idea. Your Benefit.

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CPA is a non-profit organization created by Georgia School Systems

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